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Schmidt, Volker

Frankfurter Rundschau

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Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 16/02/2009

Nazi march in Dresden

Six thousand neo-Nazis from both Germany and abroad have marched in Dresden on the 64th anniversary of the bombing of the city during World War II. The left-liberal Tageszeitung voices its support for the alliance against right-wing extremism which protested against the Nazi rally. "Of all places the die-hards chose Dresden, one of the most moving symbols of the absurdity and destructive power of war and the capacity for reconciliation, as their Mecca. … In GDR times the Frauenkirche was left a heap of rubble as a warning. Thanks to donations from all over the world it was rebuilt. The cross on its dome was forged by the son of a British bomber pilot and on the altar stands a crucifix from the Cathedral of Coventry, which was destroyed by German bombers in 1940. Those who try to abuse such symbols have missed the whole point. These alleged patriots who claim they want to honour the dead of Dresden are in fact trampling their memories underfoot with their parachutist's boots. What a good thing it is that 12,000 people stood up to them: these are the true patriots."

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