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Schmidt, Mária

ungarische Historikerin

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Heti Válasz - Hungary | 12/02/2015

María Schmidt on great statesman Viktor Orbán

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has virtues Western European politicians can only dream of, historian Mária Schmidt writes in the conservative weekly Heti Válasz: "Viktor Orbán impresses with his strategic thinking, thoroughness in weighing things up, resolve, initiative, perseverance, steadfastness and not least courage. Nowadays Orbán provokes not just panic but also annoyance and irritation among Western Europe's decision makers. Unlike Orbán these people are not politicians but merely political managers. The only aspect of politics that interests them is of how to exercise power. In other words, they are driven by the desire to maintain their grip on power as long as possible. ... They are incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong, good and bad; their political instruments are confined to obtuse political correctness. They simply lack courage, and when they meet someone who has it they attack him. So we shouldn't be surprised that these groups feel annoyed by freedom fighter Orbán."

Heti Válasz - Hungary | 30/01/2014

Nazi occupation of Hungary a fact

Hungary is currently debating a monument commissioned by Viktor Orbán's government which commemorates the occupation of Hungary by Nazi Germany. The opposition argues that the German invasion in 1944 wasn't an occupation at all, because the German troops were welcomed with open arms. Nonsense, writes historian Mária Schmidt in the conservative weekly paper Heti Válasz: "The occupation by the Nazis resulted in the loss of Hungarian sovereignty. That is a historic fact. ... The election campaign is now in full swing, which is why this issue has been raised at all. In addition, the opposition is also not fooled by the fact that the government commemorates the victims of the Holocaust all year long. ... The fact is that the Holocaust in Hungary started as a consequence of the occupation. If the Nazis hadn't occupied Hungary, the genocide of the Hungarian Jews would never have happened."

hvg - Hungary | 27/10/2010

Mária Schmidt on Hungary's democratic roots

The Hungarian writer Péter Nádas has criticised in an article for the weekly Élet és Irodalom the lack of democratic tradition in his country. Conservative historian Mária Schmidt contradicts this view in the online edition of the left-liberal weekly Heti Világgazdaság: "In his essay The State of Things Péter Nádas makes a claim that is regarded as a maxim among left-liberal intellectuals: 'Hungarian society has no democratic tradition'. I simply can't understand why the representatives of the left-liberal camp cling to this position. ... On the other hand I understand this stance only too well. I believe the reason for it is that when it comes to our history and our past we are still captive to Marxist ways of thinking, that our entire view of the world is dominated by Marxism. ... I have explained on several occasions that ... Hungary indeed has a democratic tradition. I am thinking here of the historical period between 1867 and 1918. ... After that at least the general conditions for parliamentarianism remained intact until the Second World War and Nazi dominance: there were elections and freedom of the press, expression and association. Admittedly this system was by no means perfect, but when and where has anything ever functioned perfectly?"

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