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Schmidt, Janek

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 13/01/2012

Disgraceful US soldiers promote terrorism

A video is circulating on the Internet in which several US soldiers can be seen urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban. Two of the four marines have apparently been identified. The US must be quick to apologise for this act of desecration, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung demands: "In just a few days US special envoy Marc Grossman will travel to Kabul in an effort to win over the good-weather ally president Hamid Karzai for Washington's negotiation strategy. Karzai's cooperation is crucial. But in his quest to enhance his reputation Karzai will take every opportunity to distance himself from the US. Witness his latest demand for quick and severe punishment for the urinating soldiers. But Washington has no other option. True, the Pentagon has promised an enquiry into the incident. But that's not enough. As soon as it has been established that the images are genuine, the US Military must issue a statement of apology. ... Just as a growing number of Iraqis are starting to orient themselves toward Iran, the Afghans could now turn toward the Taliban. And part of the responsibility would lie with those US soldiers who offend the honour of the people there."

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