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Schmidt, Christoph

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Trouw - Netherlands | 26/03/2014

Old friends come together again

With his first visit to the EU in Brussels, Barack Obama is revitalising the cooled relations between the US and Europe and showing how important his European allies are for him, the Christian-Social daily Trouw writes: "When you're in need, you call on your true friends, even if it's been years since you last saw each other. ... Since the end of the Cold War and the EU's progressive - and peaceful - eastward enlargement, the US and the EU had gone their separate ways. Above all Obama's predecessors like George Bush Jr. had their eyes fixed on other hot spots in the world, and above all on domestic developments. In economic terms, everyone was looking at Asia. And in this respect too the US increasingly lost sight of the floundering EU. ... But then the Ukraine crisis came along and revived the old Cold War military ties."

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