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Schmid, Thomas

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1.  Die Welt - Germany | 20/01/2016

Closed borders achieve nothing

A growing number of voices in German Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU party and its sister party the CSU are calling for Germany to close its ... » more

2.  Welt am Sonntag - Germany | 20/10/2013

Grand coalition would be steamroller

At a party convention held on Sunday, the Social Democrats voted in favour of initiating formal coalition talks with Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats. The conservative ... » more

3.  Die Welt - Germany | 02/08/2013

Europe's future at stake in Italy

After several trials that came to nothing, Silvio Berlusconi has been convicted without further appeal for the first time. The judiciary has finally stood up ... » more

4.  Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | 08/05/2013

EU should convene in Budapest too

The EU should adopt the clever strategy of holding its meetings in Budapest like the World Jewish Congress, the left-liberal daily Frankfurter Rundschau comments: "The ... » more

5.  Die Welt - Germany | 26/06/2012

Merkel lacks budget discipline at home

After the German Bundestag gave the green light for the European fiscal compact the Länder have now followed suit - after extracting a promise of ... » more

6.  Die Welt - Germany | 31/05/2011

Ecological pressure imperils democracy

The German government has resolved on a definitive nuclear phase-out two months after the Fukushima catastrophe. The conservative daily Die Welt is outraged, writing that ... » more


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