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Schlütter, Jana

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 05/02/2015

Debate over three-parent babies exemplary

After the British decision to allow extensive manipulation of human embryos making it possible for a child to have three biological parents, the liberal daily Der Tagesspiegel argues that Germans have much to learn from the British: "They've shown us how the formation of public opinion on a complex bioethical issue can work. They didn't just leave it to an ethics committee or a commission of inquiry to deal with the issue. Instead they strived for a multilayered public consultation process that can only be described as exemplary. Of course there were heated debates. But one can trust normal people to deal objectively with questions of science and ethical boundaries. Many other issues would have deserved such treatment. In the end even the Church of England acknowledged that it was not 'opposed in principle'."

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