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Schlosberg, Justin

is a media activist, researcher and lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London.

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openDemocracy - United Kingdom | 31/07/2014

British media must finally criticise Israel

The media's assessment of the Middle East conflict is fundamentally wrong, media activist Justin Schlosberg writes in the blog Open Democracy, calling on journalists to break with taboos about criticising Israel: "We as viewers are invited to question Israel's use of excessive force, even accuse them of war crimes. But the idea that Israel 'responds' to Palestinian attacks rather than the other way round is deeply entrenched within the liberal media's dictum, in spite of Israel's unrelenting policy of settlement expansion in the West Bank ... and in spite of the fact that the majority of cease-fires between Israel and Hamas since 2000 have been broken by Israel. … If journalists are to cut through the ideological quagmire, they need to start asking the more fundamental questions - not in the interests of placating complainants, but in the interests of real and honest reporting."

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