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Schlesser, Jean-Louis

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Le Jeudi - Luxembourg | 15/10/2015

Palestinians fight against rogue state Israel

One reason for the repeated attacks by Palestinians on Israelis in recent weeks is that Israel has no constitution, the centre-left weekly Le Jeudi contends: "Israel is built on shaky foundations, and the Israelis are well aware of it. They accept the situation. That gives the state the legitimation it needs to act in a way that any analysis based on the criteria we generally apply in international law would lead to it being condemned as a 'rogue state'. The archaism of its political as well as mental structures; the triumph of the reptilian brain of an entire nation; the law of retaliation erected as a political principle according to which vendetta becomes a virtue and racism a government principle: all this means that one cannot consider Israel a modern state in the true sense of the term. The knife attacks by young, desperate and fanatical Palestinians are the result of this slippery slope into horror."

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