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Schlamp, Hans-Jürgen

Der Spiegel

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Der Spiegel - Germany | 26/10/2009

Wheeling and dealing in the run-up to the EU summit

In the run-up to the EU summit on October 29 and 30 in Brussels the discussion about who will head the European Commission has intensified. The political weekly Der Spiegel questions whether the ratification of the Reform Treaty will usher in a new era in Europe's history with more democracy and transparency: "What we need now are activists, problem-solvers, people with great brains. But Europe's powerful heads of state and government are showing little interest. … The tactical manoeuvring of the national leaders is preventing the development of a stronger Europe. The search for a new management is a good example. The leading positions for the brave new EU world are being dished out according to the old rules: if you support my candidate I'll help yours and together we'll beat the competition. Candidates who are too clever, too gutsy or too popular are the first ones to go. In particular the leaders of the big member states are not keen on potential competition from Brussels. They want people like [EU Commission President Jose Manuel] Barroso there - colourless, mediocre people who lack vision and are therefore compliant."

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