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Schlammes, Marc

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Luxemburger Wort - Luxembourg | 11/04/2013

Offensive after Offshore Leaks

By ending bank secrecy the government of Luxembourg is making the best of a bad situation after the past week's revelations on tax havens, the conservative daily Luxemburger Wort writes: "The chapter on banking secrecy has been tackled in a resolutely offensive manner, and its final lines for non-residents will be penned on December 31, 2014. A concession so that Luxembourg's banks, the country's fiscal milk cows, can continue to play a role at the centre of the international financial arena and not have to stand in the 'naughty corner'. This 'naughty corner' is the result of a complete failure [on the part of Luxembourg's government]: how can it explain that the date for the automatic exchange of information coincides with Offshore Leaks?"

Luxemburger Wort - Luxembourg | 18/08/2009

Marc Schlammes on today's Europe

Twenty years after the fall of communism Marc Schlammes takes a look at today's Europe in the daily newspaper Luxemburger Wort: "Now a hectic pace and an attitude of taking things for granted dominate everyday life. The most recent developments in Europe are also witness to this. There is no trace today of the refreshing wind of change that blew through the continent, and an EU with 27 member states is now taken for granted, normality. Who, nowadays, is aware of the great feat that the people of Central and Eastern Europe were expected to perform within the briefest period of time by internalising the principles and practices of the social market economy and the state based on the rule of law? Freedom and peace instead of communism and war. Growth and prosperity instead of a planned economy and product shortages. … With a newly elected European Parliament and a new European Commission about to be appointed there is now the opportunity to breathe new life into the EU as a community with a common destiny - so that citizens from the Balearics to the Baltic once again feel the bond of Europe's original values. The bond of which politicians should be a living example without exploiting Brussels as a stage or a bazaar for showing off or serving their own interests. There must be a new perception of the European Union as an ideal - an ideal that inspired millions of people even back in 1989."

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