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Schlaffer, Hannelore

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Die Welt - Germany | 30/08/2011

German feminists into gender marketing

The German feminist forerunner Alice Schwarzer has described young German feminist Charlotte Roche's new book Schoßgebete as a sentimental folk novel. The feud cleverly situates the two authors in what until now had been an exclusively male domain. "Fresh and unsoiled, Schwarzer and Roche are stepping onto this field of honour and capturing a new clientele. This new clientele must first adjust to the idea that women are authoritarian, and that they are authoritarian towards each other too. Up to now men have worshipped men, quoted them, promoted them and fought against them while schoolgirls and devotees looked on admiringly. Here we are seeing a new relationship of respect between women. Roche can only make fun of Schwarzer because she is convinced of her epoch-making achievement. ... So Roche and her colleagues, by taking over the precarious male domains, are also learning to copy the marketing tricks of males in the process. So the performance Roche and Schwarzer are providing us with now is not female bickering but gender marketing - the most developed stage of emancipation so far."

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