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Schiff, András

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 11/12/2013

Hungary suppressing its dark past

A bust of Hitler's ally Miklós Horthy was unveiled in central Budapest at the beginning of November. The fact that this went off with barely any protests shows that the Hungarian people still haven't confronted their fascist past, writes Hungarian-born pianist and conductor András Schiff in the left-liberal daily The Guardian: "Historians have taught us that the Horthy era was one of the darkest chapters of Hungarian history; this is common knowledge. His present-day glorification is scandalous. ... History cannot be erased, nor forgotten. Discovering and understanding the past is the duty not only of governments and political parties, but also of the people, the whole nation. We must face it together - even when it is not pleasant - and try to learn from the consequences. Hungarians have not yet been through this process."

Népszabadság - Hungary | 12/11/2013

Horthy momument a disgrace for Hungary

Right-wing extremist organisations inaugurated a bust of Miklós Horthy, the regent of the Kingdom of Hungary during the interwar period leading up to World War II, in central Budapest last week. Under Horthy Hungary was a close ally of Nazi Germany. The internationally renowned pianist András Schiff calls the monument a disgrace in the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: "The whole thing is incomprehensible. It's well known that the period under Horthy was one of the darkest chapters in Hungary's history. This glorification of Horthy is monstrous, shameful even. It is simply not possible to have any respect for him. ... The anti-Jewish laws, the deportations, the tragedy on the Don [where the Hungarian troops were crushingly defeated by the Red Army] are all tied up with Horthy's name. Neither God nor the far right can cleanse him of this stain. It's appalling that so many Hungarians can disregard and deny the facts of history to such an extent."

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