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Schiermeyer, Matthias

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Stuttgarter Zeitung - Germany | 22/04/2013

Political pressure unmasks tax dodger Hoeneß

The president of German football club Bayern Munich, Uli Hoeneß, has voluntarily disclosed that he avoided taxes, it was revealed on Friday. The opposition was therefore right to stop the tax agreement with Switzerland, the liberal Stuttgarter Zeitung notes with satisfaction: "Because it was only the fear of the law, of being sent to prison, that prompted the president of FC Bayern to turn himself in. He had hoped to remain anonymous with the help of the German-Swiss tax agreement - but that's where he was wrong. The deal negotiated by German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble offends any honest taxpayers' sense of justice. It would have legalised Hoeneß's conduct retroactively. We're better off with no agreement than one like that. At the same time we see how important it is to keep up the pressure on the holders of hidden accounts by purchasing CDs containing their data."

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