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Scherer, Burkhard

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Berliner Zeitung - Germany | 22/02/2008

Burkhard Scherer tears apart Littell's new novel

Jonathan Littell's novel about SS officer Max Aue - 'Les Bienveillantes' - whose German edition has now been published, is finding little favour in Germany, unlike in France. Burkhard Scherer writes: "On page 1,094 Aue offers helpful advice: 'You can slam this book shut any time, and toss it in the trash bin.' That's a good suggestion, but it comes just a bit too late and has been barely followed. On the contrary, in the country of its first publication, most critics generated meaningful whisperings about the book and the public snatched it up a hundred thousand fold. Two considerations beg to be added: Texts with many corpses obviously produce a reflex-like, reverential reaction, as if criticism were disturbing their eternal rest. Secondly, there is the issue of intimidating prose. Here and there a sensitive, erudite subtlety is thrown in. If you miss one, you could miss the main point."

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