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Scheidges, Rüdiger

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Handelsblatt - Germany | 16/09/2014

Anti-IS alliance can win only with Islamic world

In the battle against the IS terrorist militia just under 30 states pledged comprehensive support for Iraq in Paris on Monday. However concrete promises were not made at the meeting. Those participating in the conference face a deep dilemma, the liberal business daily Handelsblatt observes: "They know that the IS will be victorious if the bloody pictures provoke a West-versus-the-Islamic-world war and force the latter into involuntary religious solidarity. And the IS will only lose if the alliance manages to unite the 'moderate' Islamic states - Turkey, the Saudis, the Emirates and Iraq - in the fight against it. That won't be easy. But this battle must become the self-assertive battle of those Islamic states that (want to) belong to the civilised world, and the West must support it. If necessary with military aid."

Handelsblatt - Germany | 12/06/2013

De Maizière now just a self-defence minister

The German Defence Minister Thomas de Maizière continues to defend himself against accusations that he was aware of the problems with the Euro Hawk reconnaissance drone at an earlier stage than he initially claimed. The liberal business paper Handelsblatt criticises de Maizière's handling of the affair: "Until now the responsible minister has done nothing to shed light on how millions of tax euros were wasted. Instead, party man that he is, he has tried to conceal the causes of the debacle with deliberately misleading metaphors, saying that what the ministry lacked was a 'culture of mistakes'. Flying in the face of the facts, he stated that no one in the ministry dares to admit mistakes and bring them to the attention of 'those above'. In reality however, the exact opposite is the case: in the quest to shirk any and every responsibility - and following a bad military tradition -, even the tiniest mishaps are dealt with by 'being passed on to those above' . ... The ministry is hampered not by an insufficient 'culture of mistakes', but by an excessive one, and by a complete lack of responsible thinking."

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