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Scharabov, Georgi

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Trud - Bulgaria | 03/05/2011

Bulgaria holds to its spy diplomats

Several Bulgarian ambassadors whose affiliation with the communist secret service was established late in 2010 have been recalled to Sofia from their embassies until the end of their mandates, the Bulgarian foreign service announced on Tuesday. The daily Trud is unhappy that they cannot be officially sacked without the prior agreement of President Georgi Parvanov, himself a former secret service agent: "The ways of diplomacy are inscrutable: especially those of Bulgarian diplomacy. Thanks to President Parvanov's resistance to actually sacking these diplomats they in future will sit at home yet continue to receive their pay as ambassadors. ... That leads one to believe that even if they aren't good enough to represent Bulgaria abroad they still have their uses at home. Perhaps we have become so accustomed to having agents and spies in our midst that life without them would seem boring."

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