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Scally, Derek

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1.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 13/12/2015

Merkel's late transformation into leader

Just before its party conference starts today Germany's conservative CDU has reached a compromise in the dispute over refugee policy. The party will take steps ... » more

2.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 06/10/2015

Ireland in a quandary

The government in Dublin must on the one hand try to keep the many US companies in the country like Facebook and Google happy and ... » more

3.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 18/08/2015

German banks not to blame for Irish crisis

A parliamentary committee in Ireland has been investigating the causes for the collapse of the country's banking system since December. The oft-repeated accusation that German ... » more

4.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 21/04/2015

Judiciary looked the other way for too long

In taking far too long to bring cases like that of Oscar Gröning to trial the postwar German judiciary made itself a moral accessory to ... » more

5.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 05/05/2013

Derek Scally on Germany's willingness to compromise in the euro crisis

Germany has been accused by many of aspiring to gain a new position of dominance in Europe with the aid of stringent austerity dictates. Columnist ... » more

6.  The Irish Times - Ireland | 02/07/2009

German Lisbon judgement changes the EU

The Berlin correspondent for the Irish Times, Derek Scally, writes that the judgement of Germany's Federal Constitutional Court on the Treaty of Lisbon will change ... » more


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