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Scaglione, Fulvio

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Avvenire - Italy | 06/11/2015

Propaganda war between US and Russia

The row over what caused the plane to crash is allowing the tragedy to be used for propaganda purposes, writes the Catholic daily Avvenire in outrage: "The poor victims have become hostages in the crossfire of propaganda, the pawns in an international political game that knows no scruples or compassion. Russia and Egypt have improved their relations in recent years. … The Moscow-Cairo axis is a thorn in the side of the US because it is intervening in the Middle East with the total freedom of manoeuvre that the White House sees as an incontestable US prerogative. But should the theory of the attack be confirmed, we can be sure that Russia and Putin's Kremlin will be in neither the political position nor the mood to tolerate a bloodbath like that on the Sinai Peninsula without retaliating. The only one who at least at first glance seems to have emerged strengthened from this terrible chapter of horror is Syrian ruler Assad. That should give us pause for thought."

Avvenire - Italy | 04/06/2014

Obama adopts a belligerant tone

Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama clearly believes more in the deterrent effect of weapons than the power of conciliatory words nowadays, the Catholic daily Avvenire complains: "Obama is adopting a more belligerent tone. By harshly describing Central and Eastern Europe as under threat from the Kremlin, he is trying to fully exploit the impact of the Ukraine crisis which the EU and Russia have every interest in ending. It may just be a coincidence that at more or less the same time as Obama was delivering his speech in Warsaw, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel were talking on the phone and agreeing to meet in Normandy in a bid to reconcile the opposing sides in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in eastern Ukraine. As we can see, Europe is more focused on finding a peaceful solution than the US. ... Meanwhile Obama has accomplished a stunning success in Ukraine: first he isolated Russia, then he jeopardised the German-Russian axis and finally he has passed on the problem to the EU."

Avvenire - Italy | 20/07/2011

Three euros to save starving in Africa

The European Union announced plans to considerably boost its aid for the famine-stricken Horn of Africa at the beginning of the week. The UN's Food and Agriculture Organization has also convened a crisis meeting on this subject for next Monday. But there is a danger that once again there will be a lot of talk and little real help, the Catholic daily Avvenire admonishes: "As so often in the past, the major organisations sounded the alarm and called for help. Shortly afterwards there was a second alert that the funds were not forthcoming and the aid machine was spluttering to a standstill. Very soon the state of emergency will become chronic, the alarm bells will stop ringing and everyone will turn their attention to other matters. ... To save roughly eleven million Africans from starving to death, the United Nations needs around 1.5 billion dollars. If that sum were split among the EU population it would amount to three euros per person. If the US, Canada and Australia joined in, to stick to the West, each individual's contribution would be ridiculously small. If the rich countries of Asia joined the effort it would by laughable. So why are we denying them our help?" 

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