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Savelberg, Rob

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De Telegraaf - Netherlands | 11/05/2010

Dutch football manager fits in well with the Germans

The Dutch football manager Louis van Gaal has guided Bayern Munich to victory as leader of the German Bundesliga and is now being showered with praise. The "tulip general" is a phenomenon, writes the Dutch tabloid De Telegraaf: "He doesn't care about the customs and traditions of German football and remains true to his own principles. ... But are van Gaal, the man with the 'clog German' [as in Dutch clogs] and Germany really a good match? His impulsive and sometimes rather quick-tempered manner doesn't really fit in with the reserved and serious culture that presides between Flensburg und Berchtesgarden. On the other hand the players have to address van Gaal as 'Sie', as even his own daughters do. The formal character of the former trainer of Ajax, AZ [Alkmaar] and Barcelona suits the Germans very well. And the will to win, of course - no matter what it costs."

De Telegraaf - Netherlands | 21/08/2008

Poland fears the Russian bear

The signing of the treaty between Poland and the US divides the EU and NATO, writes the tabloid De Telegraaf: "For the first time since 1989 Poland is putting its trust in a foreign power and allowing it to establish a base on its own soil. The biggest EU country in Eastern Europe hopes this will bring it greater security, but in fact it is making itself the target of Russian missiles. A general in Moscow declared this week that nuclear weapons were being aimed at Poland. This poses a threat to the EU as a whole. Poland is no longer relying on NATO alone. The fear of potential Russian aggression has driven Warsaw to seek help from Washington directly. In doing so, the Poles have driven a dangerous wedge between NATO and the EU. Countries like Germany and France are anxiously striving to maintain good relations with the Kremlin. The situation in Georgia has changed everything. A new arms race now seems a distinct possibility."

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