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Sauer, Tom

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De Standaard - Belgium | 10/03/2011

Libyans must help themselves

There is a lack of consensus on the UN Security Council about military intervention in Libya. Interference would have a detrimental effect, writes political scientist Tom Sauer in the daily De Standaard: "It is not Russia or China that are the biggest proponents of such intervention. It is the US and Great Britain together with their allies. Did we not learn our lesson in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention Vietnam? Admittedly, part of the Libyan opposition wants this kind of aid. But the other part obviously doesn't. ... Is it the task of the West to install governments that are well-disposed towards us all over the world? The attempt to impose something from outside is not easy and generally has the opposite effect. ... It's up to the Libyans to take over the reins. As soon as Gaddafi has been ousted the international community can move in and help the country with non-military means such as economic aid and help constructing a functioning democracy."

De Morgen - Belgium | 24/06/2008

Badly stored nuclear weapons

The daily De Morgen comments on a study conducted by the United States Air Force according to which nuclear weapons stationed in Europe are not safely stored. "If this is true - and who are we to doubt it - the depots should be closed down immediately. To put it bluntly, we are not talking about Barbie dolls here. A modern nuclear weapon can wipe a city like Brussels clean off the map. ... If the US is unable to ensure safe storage of its nuclear weapons arsenal, what about countries like Pakistan and North Korea, which have been able to purchase the same kind of weapons in the past decade? The US is very much aware of this problem. A growing number of experts realise that we will not be able to keep our nuclear weapons in safe storage forever, without their being needed once again - whether authorised or not. ... The US is calling the use of nuclear weapons in general into question. This is the real reason why it allowed these reports to leak out."

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