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Saravalle, Alberto

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Le Monde - France | 16/10/2012

Alberto Saravalle calls for streamlined state in Italy and France

An end to the debt crisis is not in sight and Italy and France both need strict reform programmes, Italian jurist Alberto Saravalle writes in the left-liberal daily Le Monde: "Italy and France have similar problems: they are far too heavily in debt, the public sector plays too great a role, government spending is too high, competitiveness is low and growth must urgently be stimulated. Accepted solution strategies are based on the mistaken belief that the right 'industrial policy' on the part of a strong state could revive growth. But such policies have failed to work both in Italy and in France. ... One can only hope that the hangover after the elections will soon dissipate and sobriety will once more set in. Dogmatic ideas and facile election promises must be abandoned so that a strict austerity programme can be introduced, with which government spending can be cut and growth promoted in the long term."

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