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Sarasúa, Carmen

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El País - Spain | 29/03/2011

Punish economic crimes

Only few of those responsible for the economic crisis must answer for their activities in court. But such economic crimes against humanity must be punished, write economist Lourdes Benería and economic historian Carmen Sarasúa in the daily El País: "Just as political crimes against humanity may be prosecuted in the courts with the legal means at our disposal, the possibility for prosecuting economic crimes must finally be created. Now is a good time for this, because no one can deny the existence of such crimes. It is crucial that the term 'economic crime' should be taken up in public discourse, and that people should understand how important it is to establish democracy in politics and the economy. At least then we will understand that it is necessary to regulate the markets, which - as [economist] Polanyi said - should be at the service of society, rather than the other way round."

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