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Saraiva, Tiago Mota

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Blog Aparelho de Estado - Portugal | 13/05/2010

Portugal economises without a clear strategy

The Portuguese government on Thursday decided to intensify its austerity measures and introduce massive tax increases. Writing in the weekly Expresso's blog Aparelho de Estado Tiago Mota criticises the government for breaking its campaign pledge: "There is no economy that can remain stable if the government changes its priorities and its policies on a weekly basis. The government is incapable of developing a strategy for the country. What is for certain is that it will tighten the country's belt even further in the coming weeks, even if [Prime Minister] Sócrates insists - as always with an affronted expression on his face because his words are doubted - that holiday pay and Christmas bonuses are safe and that taxes wouldn't be raised further. No one believes that Brussels ... won't decide to continue its slaughtering spree. Now we are seeing the bitter truth about the disadvantages that the loss of power of the national decision-making centres brings - which ironically has become even more evident thanks to the Lisbon Treaty."

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