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Sarafinas, Gintaras

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Veidas - Lithuania | 04/06/2012

Analysis of party programmes pointless

The weekly magazine Veidas informs its readers about the candidates and parties in the run-up to the Lithuanian parliamentary elections in October. But it deliberately avoids analysing party programmes because it believes this is pointless, the magazine explains: "Why waste time analysing this nonsense when the parties never implement their programmes anyway (but rather do the opposite) and not even their members bother to read them or know what they will do in the Seimas [parliament] or what they're supposed to vote for? And it would be even more pointless to talk about the supposed values or ideologies of the parties. There are no ideologies, apart from perhaps the ideology of seeking power and distributing EU money among themselves. … Veidas now wants to gather information about what the different Lithuanian politicians and parties promised before the elections in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2008, and what they actually implemented. This will be very good for exposing the true faces of all the good-for-nothings and Ostap Benders [a character from the Soviet novel The Twelve Chairs] and all the other villains in politics."

Veidas - Lithuania | 02/04/2012

Baltic just a caricature

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are widely perceived as a single region abroad, but this has increasingly little to do with the reality of the situation, writes the Lithuanian weekly Veidas: "Today the Baltic states seem themselves neither as a centre nor a region, and of the unity declared in times gone by only the designation and a few caricatures remain. … Economically the Baltic states see each other only as rivals, sometimes as enemies, and only rarely as partners. … We have been at loggerheads with Latvia over pigs, milk, Maxima [a Lithuanian supermarket chain], lorries and border areas, and now we're at war on the energy front. ... We have had less conflict with the Estonians. But the relationship won't be any easier in the future because our envy and the Estonians' arrogance are blinding both sides. In brief: In the past 22 years more insults have passed between us than happy moments."

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