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Sanz, Alejandro

Spanischer Popsänger

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El País - Spain | 23/12/2010

Spain's politicians protect Internet piracy

A majority in the Spanish Congress on Tuesday rejected a draft law with which the socialist minority government planned to combat Internet piracy. The law foresees the closure of websites that provide copyrighted content for illegal downloading. Spanish pop singer Alejandro Sanz expresses his annoyance that the project has failed in the left-liberal daily El País: "I believe many MPs voted against the legislation out of opportunism or cowardliness, even though they know that this is a fair law. ... Now the pirates are being protected; the pimps of stolen songs. The day before yesterday they voted in favour of protecting the pirates' right to continue running their musical bordellos. This was a vote against artists and our rights. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our RIGHTS."

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