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Santevecchi, Guido

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 07/01/2016

The world lost track of Kim Jong-un

The West has grossly underestimated the threat North Korea poses, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera warns: "Under the US's leadership the international community has focussed on bringing Iran's nuclear programme under control, which according to Tehran was solely for civilian purposes anyway. In the meantime Pyongyang has upgraded its weapons and now has over 20 nuclear bombs in its arsenal, according to Chinese sources. But unlike the government in Tehran Kim Jong-un has said at every opportunity that he wants to raze America's cities and perhaps also Seoul and Tokyo to the ground with his weapons of mass destruction. And while we can safely rule out the possibility that the Iranian theocracy wants to commit suicide with the nuclear weapon by risking a retaliatory strike that would erase all its cities from the map, Kim Jong-un seems driven by a self-destructive impulse that isn't directed at himself but at his country."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 08/10/2008

Chinese art in London

British art lover Charles Saatchi's new gallery in a former barracks in London opens with an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art on Thursday. The daily Corriere della Sera writes that with his third London gallery Saatchi has set his sights on the Orient, China, Iran and Iraq. "The palace is imposing. It was built for the general staff of the royal British Army. Now Charles Saatchi has set up his main headquarters there. The ingenious and controversial art dealer who elevated the Brit Art of Damien Hirst und Tracey Emin to international fame has discovered 'Made in China'. ... Saatchi conceived the gallery as the largest free admission museum for contemporary art. To ensure that the numbers add up he coupled the enterprise with an auctioneer's so that after exhibitions one or two of the art works can be auctioned off. After all, even the Chinese Revolution has realised that business and capitalism are not the worst evils. After the Chinese have had their turn ... Saatchi plans to exhibit the new 'wild' talents that have emerged from the ruins of Iraq and the Islamic rigour of Iran."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 22/09/2008

The end of an era?

The Italian daily Corriere della Sera comments on the results of a survey published yesterday in the liberal social-democratic weekly The Observer according to which if general elections were held now only 160 of Labour's current 346 MPs would be left in parliament. "David Cameron's Conservatives would win a landslide victory and return to Westminster with 398 MPs, a flock the likes of which only Margaret Thatcher was able to rally around her at the peak of her success. ... Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who many would like to see as leader of the [Labour] party, would be the sole survivor of the purge. While its party conference takes place a truce has been called to the party's internal power struggle to avoid conveying the image of division and complotting to the party's grass roots. But with poll results like these Gordon Brown can hardly expect his MPs, facing the prospect of extinction, to wait for the final date for electing the party leader in spring 2010. ... After eleven years of government the citizens are disappointed with the performance of the Labour Party."

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