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Santalmassi, Giancarlo

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Spain | 18/08/2015

Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Lampedusa!

In recent years the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa has become known above all for its refugee centres, which accommodate tens of thousands of refugees. Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the island could advance the debate about the refugee crisis, writes journalist Giancarlo Santalmassi in the centre-left website "A radical change in the way a phenomenon that is both global and historical is dealt with is needed. But until that change comes, the international community can influence the process and raise awareness of this collective drama. … It could make a gesture that costs nothing but would have all the (immense) force that symbols can have today. It would be good if someone in Oslo thought of giving the small, defenceless and heroic island of Lampedusa - a target of hope for millions of desperate people - the Nobel Peace Prize. It would be a small gesture but it would be of enormous significance in raising collective awareness."

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