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Sandahl, Ronnie

Columnist Aftonbladet. Sweden

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Aftonbladet - Sweden | 21/10/2014

Swedes fear the Russians once more

For days the Swedish military has been searching for a Russian submarine presumed to be navigating off the coast of Stockholm. The generation of those born since the 1980s is experiencing fears it had never known before, journalist Ronnie Sandahl comments in the left-liberal daily Aftonbladet: "Military service was not our problem - those born after 1991 didn't even have to go in for a physical. ... Have we ever so much as thought about defending our country's borders? In the past 25 years the Cold War has become almost a joke. Weren't submarines [off Sweden's coastline] really just muskrats? Weren't fears of the Russians really just a hobby of the paranoid? ... Now we're waking up to the reality, and some people are already calling for the reintroduction of compulsory military service. Another alternative would be to take up the suggestion made by the Danish populist Mogens Glistrup in the 1980s and replace our country's military personnel and equipment with an answering machine that says 'We surrender!'. In Russian, if possible."

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