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Sanclemente, José

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Blog Entre medios - Spain | 16/05/2014

Press freedom under threat in Spain

The Freedom House organisation's press freedom ranking puts Spain in slot 52 this year, alongside Ghana and Surinam. The economic crisis and the lack of a strong opposition are dragging the country down into the category of countries with a "partially free" press, José Sanclemente fears in his blog Entre Medios: "The ranking list is not particularly precise but it does indicate trends. It tells us that the precarious economic situation of the media and journalists is leading to an imbalance of power vis-à-vis a government that has an absolute majority. This imbalance is making the press subservient, and this is noticeable in its reporting. ... We are talking of a basic right, the freedom of the press, which applies in our country. In the same way as the law on assistance for those in need, government grants for university studies and the right to free medical care. All these rights have been restricted for some time now."

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