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Sánchez, Yoani

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Cuba | 17/12/2014

Global perspectives: Corks aren't popping on Cuba yet

The announcement that diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba will be resumed by no means hails the end of the regime on the island, the Cuban anti-government blogger Yoani Sánchez warns in the online newspaper "D-Day hasn't arrived yet. Instead the events are coming in bits and pieces, a step forward here, a step backward there. No cries of joy at the liberation of Cuba, no corks popping, no day which engraves itself forever in our memories. ... The release of all political prisoners, the end of political oppression, the ratification of the civil rights agreements and their implementation: ... That would be real progress in dismantling totalitarianism. And until such decisive steps are taken many of us will continue to believe that the date we all yearn for is not close yet. So let's put away the little flags and we won't open the champagne yet. It's better to keep on upping the pressure until D-Day finally arrives."

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