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Sánchez, Juan Luis

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Spain | 28/02/2013

For Juan Luis Sánchez Hessel was Indignant movement's passport

The political activist and author Stéphane Hessel died on Tuesday night aged 95. His essay Time for Outrage gave the indignant movement its name, which in Spain was mostly known as the Movimiento 15M (May 15 Movement). This label gained broad acceptance for the protests, Juan Luis Sánchez reflects in his blog with the leftist online paper "Hessel's most important contribution to the M15 Movement was that he gave it credibility through his age and political trajectory. This is what the big media needed to be able to talk about the protests without having the feeling of giving voice to those whom they had branded as autonomists. Hessel was its amiable face. Literature is always looked on more benignly than dreadlocks. His ideological work was comprehensible to the Spanish political culture. His word 'indignation' was a gift: the perfect example for everything and at the same time nothing. ... Hessel was the passport for this force being accepted by the media, for M15 causing less fear and for making critical thinking politically correct."

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