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San Sebastián, Isabel

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ABC - Spain | 06/10/2014

Spain needs career mothers

Mónica de Oriol, president of the Spanish business association Círculo de Empresarios, publicly admitted on Thursday that she avoids employing women between 25 and 45 because of pregnancies and maternity leave. She really needs to change her stance, the conservative daily ABC demands: "Mónica de Oriol knows from personal experience that family and career can be compatible. This also applies for women, even if it unfortunately entails inhuman sacrifices because the way work is organised and the entire business culture were created by men who left factors like children, housework and family completely out of the equation. ... If the president of the Círculo de Empresarios doesn't use the opportunity to try to correct this historic mistake and adjust production models to the current social context and demographics, she will be making a grave mistake."

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