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Samyn, Steven

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1.  De Morgen - Belgium | 02/09/2013

New reformer for Belgian rail

The Social Democrat Frank Van Massenhove, former president of the Belgian Federal Social Security Service, has been appointed as the new boss of Belgium's public ... » more

2.  De Morgen - Belgium | 24/06/2013

King Albert loses his moral authority

The Belgian artist Delphine Boël is allegedly the illegitimate daughter of King Albert II and now plans to force him to recognise her through court ... » more

3.  De Morgen - Belgium | 08/05/2013

Let the experts deal with crisis management

After the explosion of a freight train carrying poisonous chemical substances in the Flemish municipality of Wetteren, the clean-up operations are in chaos. The politicians' ... » more

4.  De Morgen - Belgium | 04/03/2013

Cap on mega salaries warranted

The Swiss people's surprisingly clear vote in favour of the initiative against oversized bonuses has less to do with envy than with widespread rejection of ... » more

5.  De Morgen - Belgium | 11/01/2013

Belgium's royal house digging its own grave

Belgian politicians have voiced outrage at the way Queen Fabiola settles her legacy. The childless widow of King Baudouin wants to place her wealth with ... » more

6.  De Morgen - Belgium | 31/10/2012

Dexia a never-ending horror story

After being bailed out in a gigantic rescue action in 2011, the French-Belgian bank Dexia now stands in need of another five billion euros. Little ... » more

7.  De Morgen - Belgium | 11/09/2012

Billionaires know no limits

Bernard Arnault, the French multi-billionaire and head of the luxury goods company LVMH, announced on the weekend that he would apply for Belgian citizenship, a ... » more

8.  De Morgen - Belgium | 26/07/2012

Belgium must turn brain drain to brain circulation

According to a study published on Wednesday, in 2010 around 28,000 highly trained young Belgians left their country, 70 percent more than in the previous ... » more

9.  De Morgen - Belgium | 27/06/2012

Eurozone reconstruction a step out of the crisis

The proposals by European Council President Herman Van Rompuy on the construction of a genuine fiscal union are cause for hope, writes the left-liberal daily ... » more

10.  De Morgen - Belgium | 20/06/2012

Climate summit in Rio will be a flop

More than 100 heads of state and government will convene this Wednesday at the Rio+20 climate change summit. But owing to the absence of the ... » more


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