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Samuel, Henry

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The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | 21/03/2012

President in a bad way

The attacks in Southern France have left French President Nicolas Sarkozy looking bad because he has only accentuated social division in the country, the conservative paper The Daily Telegraph writes: "This week's tragedy may well remind the French of an earlier episode in Sarkozy's career that first brought him to public attention. In 1993, while mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, France's richest town, Sarkozy walked unarmed into a classroom and personally negotiated the release of children held hostage by a deranged man with an explosive belt, in what became known as the 'human bomb' drama. It helped create the alpha male image that would eventually win Sarkozy massive popular support as France's tough-talking interior minister. ... But he will have a tough time changing the impression among many that he has inflamed tensions in France during his mandate, with initiatives such as a lame national identity debate, cracking down on Roma gypsies and controversially linking immigration and crime in a speech in Grenoble."

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