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Samkalden, Daniel

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De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 16/08/2011

Footballers must learn their grammar

A week after the start of the new season in Dutch professional football, the writer Daniel Samkalden is fed up to the teeth. He vents his frustration with the players' bad grammar in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "Immigrants must attend naturalisation courses, but our taxes flow through the public broadcasters into the houses and sports cars of football players who stumble over the basic rules of grammar and garble the simplest proverbs in front of three million spectators. ... A football player is no longer a street kid who lets his feet do the talking. A modern top player is a businessman who receives huge amounts of money from a gigantic corporation, idolised by an entire nation. The least we can expect of him in return is that he should learn once and for all the difference between 'they' and 'them' and 'as' and 'than'."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 20/07/2011

Doping made cycling more exciting

The Tour de France is lame entertainment without doping, complains the writer Daniël Samkalden in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: "What has the crackdown on doping done for me as a sports consumer? The Tour de France has been on for weeks and it's duller than ever before. ... Detailed listings of the cyclists' whereabouts, permanent doping controls, labour standards for the teams, moral codexes for the association, oppressive contracts with sponsors - all this has enslaved cyclists, turning them into bureaucrats and turning the Tour into a even playing field purged of all heroism. Better to return to the days of Lance Armstrong, who humiliated the competition and claimed his dodgy blood-test results were down to an ointment for saddle sores. ... Or Bjarne Riis, who came out of nowhere to win the Tour and set his alarm clock six times a night to run around in the hallway and stop his Epo blood from clotting."

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | 23/04/2009

Buying a picture by Hitler

An auctioneer in Nuremberg plans to auction off in the coming week two watercolours allegedly painted by Adolf Hitler. Author Daniel Samkalden writes in the daily De Volkskrant that he would like to have one of the landscape paintings: "It is extremely mediocre but even so I don't find 3,500 euros excessive. … 3,500 euros is the lower limit naturally. It could easily go up to 10,000 or more - also because the pictures have attracted so much attention. Here I am writing another column about them and from a PR point of view it's very clever, given that it coincides with the week in which the Holocaust is being commemorated all over the world, right between Hitler's birthday and the date of his death, in Nuremberg, the home of the NSDAP, where Hitler's racial laws were drafted and where the Nazis were put on trial after the war. [Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph] Goebbels himself couldn't have timed it better. And yet the pictures themselves have nothing to do with war. You see, Hitler was busy painting at the time. That's what makes the landscape so peaceful. And that's why I'd like to have one of them."

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