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Salverda, Wiemer

Salverda, Wiemer

Wiemer Salverda is a labour economist at the University of Amsterdam. Born in Amersfoort, Netherlands, in 1947, he lives in Amsterdam. He is director of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies and coordinator of the European Low-wage Employment Research network LoWER. He contributes expert advice to the OECD, European Commission and ILO. He has published extensively on low-wage employment but also on higher incomes, ageing, part-time employment, the youth labour market. His forthcoming publication will be: Wiemer Salverda, Brian Nolan and Tim Smeeding, editors, The Oxford Handbook of Economic Inequality, Oxford University Press, January 2009.

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1.  Article | 28/05/2008

The bottom quarter

Will a quarter of Europeans soon be underpaid? A new study predicts the European labour market is increasingly resembling its American counterpart. » more

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