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Salu, Mikk

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Postimees - Estonia | 27/04/2011

Germans open job market too late

On May 1 Germany will open its labour market to workers from the countries which joined the EU in 2004. But the move comes too late, comments the daily Postimees: "The Germans waited until the end for fear of the consequences, and if the EU hadn't set the deadline of May 1, 2011, they would have kept their job market closed indefinitely. Nevertheless, the biggest losers are the Germans themselves. By now they have been forced to admit that the anticipated flood of workers will not be coming after all. In addition the other European states have struck first and secured the best workers for themselves. The fears inspired by xenophobia and stupidity have not panned out. As everyone knows, the Finns once feared that hordes from Estonia would rob them of their jobs and welfare benefits. But they've now understood that such panic has no basis in reality. Rather, the Estonians working in Finland have done much to stimulate growth."

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 26/02/2010

Foundations could enrich Estonia

In many countries of the world cultural and charity foundations have been founded thanks to the legacies of rich people. The daily Eesti Päevaleht wants the same for Estonia: "Naturally a model like that of [German industrialist] Robert Bosch isn't so easy to emulate in Estonia because the outlook is different here. There are no old fortunes and our millionaires are all still living. But there are a few things we could copy. For example there's the new media museum 'Newseum' in the centre of Washington, which was built purely with private funding. Media companies and their owners supplied the funding and to boost the financing money was diverted from the construction of adjacent residential buildings. Such a model would also be conceivable for Tallinn. The city could exert pressure on the developers of particularly valuable plots of land to build something different there too, for example a museum or a cultural institution."

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | 18/02/2010

The Greeks are doing just fine

The Greeks are always trying to blame others for their financial plight, the daily Eesti Päevaleht complains, noting that their pensions are twice as high as the Estonian average: "When tens of thousands of workers go on strike against salary and pension cuts, among them are also the employees of the statistics office who falsified the Greek financial statistics in order to conceal the country's state of debt. And all this was done to secure Greece's entry to the Eurozone and cheaper loans. Today the Greeks are striking against cuts, but there was a time when they went on strike for increases. Those who wanted a salary or pension raise took to the streets, broke shop windows and set cars on fire – and their wishes were granted. The fact that the state lacked the money to finance all this and had to borrow it from abroad was dismissed as unimportant."

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