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Sallier, Pierre-Alexandre

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Le Temps - Switzerland | 30/06/2009

The Madoff case is still not closed

For the daily Le Temps the Bernard Madoff financial scandal continues even after his sentencing: "150 years. A life sentence for the biggest fraud involving savings ever. The punishment, as harsh as that of a murderer, reflects the dimensions of the web Bernard Madoff constructed as well as the protest in US public opinion at a fraud that is meant to stand for all the excesses of Wall Street. So is this the end of the story? By no means. The condemnation of the New York swindler should not lead to the closing of the Madoff file. An 'affair within the affair' is still awaiting judgement, in the US and Europe alike. The affair that shows how dozens of financial companies transferred the money their credulous customers entrusted them with into the diabolical spiral Madoff had created. Justice must expose the bundle of personal interests that led them to generously place the money of their 'customers' in the hands of Bernard M."

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