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Salik, Hubert

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 27/04/2009

Polish airline is a hopeless case

The Polish state airline LOT has presented its financial statement for 2008. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita takes the opportunity to discuss the company's business and financial development: "For ten years not a single report by the NIK [authority responsible for investigating the actions of state bodies] has failed to detect one irregularity or another. In 1998 it came out that the business has issued 71,000 free tickets. ... In 2007 the NIK put the company's worsening financial situation down to mistakes by the treasury minister in the government of [former conservative prime minister] Jerzy Buzek. ... LOT is a hopeless case. Business students should be made to study it as an example of an inefficent state enterprise."

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 01/10/2008

Bankers are better off than dockers

On September 12 Poland presented the EU with a new restructuring plan justifying government subsidies for the shipbuilding industry. The European Commissioner Neelie Kroes rejected the plan. The shipyards are now facing closure. Rzeczpospolita newspaper complains that the European Commission's decision is unfair. "They help the banks of the West while allowing the shipyards to sink. ... A wave of financial funding is sweeping through Europe. Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the UK have all spoken out in favour of bailing out three banks with 20 billion euros. ... Of course, the bank sector is more important than the shipbuilding industry. ... But in the case of the shipyards Poland only has itself to blame. Throwing billions of zloty into a bottomless pit for years on end only postponed the problem without solving it. The Polish governments were afraid to take on the burden of implementing radical reforms."

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