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Salemi, Roselina

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La Stampa - Italy | 27/07/2010

A Power Balance band for every Italian

The Power Balance wristbands from California, which are supposed to restore the body-mind balance, have become an absolute 'must have' in Italy. The liberal daily La Stampa takes a look at why: "Some think it's rubbish. But fashion is holding sway and a wave of videos about the 'balance band' is flooding the web mostly featuring young adults balancing on one leg while others try to knock them down. The ones wearing the band remain standing while the others lose their balance. What looks like a sketch is an experiment recommended by the manufacturers to prove the effectiveness of the mechanism. … The band promises more flexibility, more energy, more balance. Is it all just publicity? Launched by word of mouth, this amazing object has been seen on the wrists of football players, film stars and royals like the Spanish infanta. … There are no limits to imagination. Like Jedi knights in the Star Wars saga bloggers talk of a 'new power balance'. May the Power Balance wristband be with you."

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