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Saldziunas, Vaidas

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Lrytas - Lithuania | 22/12/2014

ECJ's Hamas ruling completely naive

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled last week that the EU must strike the radical Islamic Hamas organisation from its list of terrorists because the evaluation is based on insufficient evidence. The portal reacts with sarcasm: "According to the ECJ no one has demonstrated that Hamas is a terrorist organisation. It only stands to reason, right, since the Hamas representatives wear suits and not uniforms with explosives belts when they appear in public. ... Hence Hamas is a normal political organisation that governs a region seeking freedom from the predatory bloodsucker Israel, and even engages in benevolent work. This image, fabricated by Hamas supporters, easily works its way into the hearts of many a naive European. ... But the ECJ hasn't ruled that the names of Hamas members should be struck from the sanctions lists. Why not? Because it didn't even take account of those lists. ... Well then, perhaps evidence is also lacking against al-Qaeda or the IS, which beheads its hostages. Just strike them all from the terrorist lists!"

Lrytas - Lithuania | 07/04/2014

A nightmare come true

In Ukraine's east the worst fears are becoming reality, the web portal writes, appalled: "Just a month ago Vladimir Putin painted a spine-chilling picture when he commented on the events in Kiev: the Maidan and the entire Ukrainian state power had been taken over by fascists who must be fought off - on the Crimean Peninsula. ... But now that armed men wearing masks are running around in Eastern Ukraine, he won't condemn them. Because they're not waving blue-and-yellow flags (the colours of gays and Nazis) but peacefully waving the Russian flag. They're not bandits or extremists but defenders of the rights of those who speak Russian. ... Now it's just a matter of formalities: a referendum, the tanks of the liberators, greeted with flowers. ... In Ukraine, the darkest prophesies are being fulfilled and people are asking with growing fear whose turn it will be next."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 05/01/2013

Tax hikes scare away the rich

The Republicans and Democrats in the US Senate last week agreed on a compromise in the budget row. But the tax hike for the wealthy is the wrong strategy according to the liberal daily Lietuvos rytas: The method is simple and has been tested several times, but not with much success. The communists made the most primitive use of this method: taking everything from the rich and giving it to others to make everyone equal. … Nothing good can result when a state opts for populist, short-term solutions and simply imposes higher taxes on the rich. In a free country the wealthy can decide to cling to their wealth and take it and move somewhere else where they're not saddled with high taxes. … This is what has happened in France, where election winner François Hollande and his Socialists are suffering one PR defeat after another."

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | 13/11/2012

Lithuanian Petraeus wouldn't have to resign

David Petraeus, the head of the CIA who is highly respected in his home country, resigned on Friday over an extramarital affair. In Lithuania he wouldn't have had to do anything of the sort, writes the daily Lietuvos rytas: "For many Lithuanians it's hard to imagine such a situation. What happened? Ah, you know, he added a bit of spice to what had likely become an unappetising marriage. These things happen. But leaving a job at the CIA over something like that? The two things have nothing to do with each other. Or to put it another way, an affair like that would only prove to us that the agent isn't just another limp rag but a real Lithuanian James Bond: he protects the country and also finds the time to demonstrate his manliness. Here at home we'd even vote for a guy like that."

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