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Sağlam, Erdal

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Hürriyet - Turkey | 15/07/2015

Turkey needs a new foreign policy

If it wants to benefit from the nuclear agreement between the West and Iran Turkey needs to change its foreign policy, the liberal-conservative daily Hürriyet believes: "The time has come for Turkey to quickly correct its diplomatic mistakes. The entire world has been given the impression that [Sunni-influenced] Turkey pursues a 'confessional foreign policy'. It's certain that this has led to uncertainty between us and Iran. If Turkey wants to benefit from the agreement both politically and economically it must change its foreign policy of recent times. ... And if we can reach an agreement with Iran, Turkey can realise its goal of becoming an energy corridor. A balanced foreign policy that doesn't anger Saudi Arabia, normalises relations with Israel and uses the possibilities that arise with Iran stands to greatly benefit our own economy."

Hürriyet - Turkey | 04/12/2014

Russia playing Turkey off against the West

Russia's announcement that instead of the South Stream project it will build a pipeline across Turkey should not be celebrated as a success by the government in Ankara, the conservative daily Hürriyet warns: "This news is being treated like a success for Turkey. Yet it should be seen as a move in the game Putin is playing with the West. Ultimately it's not we who are using Russia but Russia who is using us in this game. This new Russian project will be difficult to realise. Therefore we must first of all be aware that the new project won't be lucrative for Turkey or Russia. ... If all Turkey gets out of it is saving on the transit costs it would be better for it to dispense [with the pipeline]."

Hürriyet - Turkey | 26/08/2013

Lira hit by Turkey's foreign policy

The Turkish lira has dropped to a new all-time low against the US dollar in the past week. The conservative daily Hürriyet blames Turkish foreign policy for the currency's depreciation: "The statements regarding the US and the EU have grown harsher. We have fallen out with countries that once backed us - like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - and all bridges with Israel have completely broken down. We are once again at a point where people are saying that we are establishing a new world order with Russia and Iran. Would you invest in a part of the world which is at odds with the rest of the world? Do you believe it's possible to keep the exchange rate and the interest rates stable in such an environment?"

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