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Sakiewicz, Tomasz

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Gazeta Polska Codziennie - Poland | 28/03/2014

Crimea crisis leaves Russia facing bankruptcy

The Centre for Eastern Studies in Warsaw estimates that 35 billion dollars in capital have already been taken out of Russia in the first two months of the year. Before the crisis in Crimea experts had predicted just 25 billion dollars for the whole of 2014. This will be Russia's downfall, the national-conservative tabloid Polska Codziennia predicts: "The country's economy is in a catastrophic state. Instead of rising, as Putin had announced, gas prices are falling. Meanwhile production costs in the energy sector remain unchanged, which means that the gross domestic product will stagnate because half of it comes from the energy sector. Other sectors are also experiencing a profound crisis. They can't keep up with the competition from Asia, Europe and the US because of the outdated technology and corruption. At the same time, military spending is rising. ... The spectre of bankruptcy is haunting the country. If the state goes bankrupt, the Russian Federation will no doubt also collapse."

Gazeta Polska Codziennie - Poland | 24/01/2014

Apply sanctions against Moscow, not Kiev

The US imposed visa restrictions on Ukrainian officials on Wednesday in reaction to the violence in Kiev. More effective would be sanctions against Russia, the national-conservative tabloid Gazeta Polska Codziennie contends: "For the most part, the roots of the problem do not lie in Kiev. They include Moscow's aggressive policies that have stripped Ukraine of the ability to decide over its own future. Russia's influence is so strong because it occupied the country for three centuries. ... Nevertheless the West has at its disposal a whole spectrum of sanctions against Putin: from an Olympics boycott to an energy embargo. That would send the right message that Russia cannot go on treating its neighbours like slave colonies."

Gazeta Polska Codziennie - Poland | 17/01/2014

Ukraine needs the support of Polish artists

Polish musicians will stage a concert for the pro-European demonstrators on Maidan in Kiev on Sunday, a move that violates a ban by the Ukrainian judiciary. The country badly needs the support of the Poles, the national-conservative tabloid Gazeta Polska Codziennie writes, drawing parallels with the communist era: "Under martial law [1981-1983], millions of Poles were inspired by the concerts and appearances of film stars and others in the West who supported Poland's dreams of freedom. Without them it would have been difficult for us to make it through this hard time. And it would have been hard to believe that one day we would prevail. Today Ukraine is in a similar situation. The threat of Russian totalitarianism and the lack of commitment on the part of the West could strip them of their hope. So it's all the more important for Polish stars to go and perform there."

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