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Sakalauskaitė, Ramunė

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Lrt - Lithuania | 18/05/2015

Lithuania suffers from exodus of its young

Lithuania is the EU state facing the biggest decrease in population by 2060, according to the Ageing Report presented by the European Commission last Tuesday. Its population will drop from three million to just under two million inhabitants, the report predicts. One of the main reasons for this trend is the fact that so many young Lithuanians are leaving the country to seek a better future in the UK and other EU states, the online portal of the Lithuanian broadcaster LRT laments: "In Soviet times it was easy to blame the occupying power. But why do so many citizens feel this urge to leave today? Because of the poor state of the country's politics and the modern economy, you feel like you're on the way to an event for young people when you get on a plane to London. There are hardly any older people on such flights. The little kids ask: "Mum, when will we be home? The UK, not Lithuania, is their home. ... Meanwhile Lithuania's politicians are only worried about posts, EU money and influence."

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