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Sak, Güven

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Radikal - Turkey | 15/10/2013

Turkish state doesn't understand the Internet

As this year's Nobel Prize awards come to a close, the liberal daily Radikal takes a critical look at the Turkish government's approach to information technology and the Internet: "The Turkish state doesn't understand the Internet. And it's not interested in how the Internet economy is developing. While technology is rapidly spreading to all areas of life, Turkey is lagging behind on all the necessary legal regulations. Of the 24 states that make up 80 percent of the Internet economy, only three have no law on the protection of personal data: South Africa, Thailand and Turkey. The draft legislation has been waiting for approval in parliament since 2008. Turkey really is a strange country. It competes with the world of yesterday but has no interest at all in what's going on today."

Radikal - Turkey | 23/07/2013

Turkish railways neglecting goods transport

US technology giant Hewlett-Packard has begun to transport its goods produced in China by rail to Europe via Russia according to the New York Times. Turkey is missing out on a new trend, the liberal daily Radical criticises: "For long distances, rail transportation of goods is an extremely lucrative business. It's very important for rail companies. Russian railways have realised this. Turkey, however, has so far failed to develop an international transport policy. … Instead of concentrating on the transport business it is focussed on high-speed trains for national passenger traffic. Why? Because the passengers in high-speed trains are voters. Containers don't have a vote. While the Russians think globally we think on a local level only."

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