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Ságvári, Bence

ungarischer Soziologe

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Vasárnapi Hírek - Hungary | 18/10/2010

Hungarians lack environmental awareness

The toxic sludge catastrophe in Western Hungary has clearly demonstrated that Hungarians have precious little environmental awareness, writes sociologist Bence Ságvári in the left-liberal Sunday paper Vasárnapi Hírek: "A Europe-wide survey carried out in 2007 shows that only four out of ten Hungarians had any knowledge of the various environmental problems. ... Worse still is the fact that Hungary was the only country where people's knowledge about the diverse environmental risks has actually dwindled. ... Unfortunately we must observe that those who suffered from the red sludge catastrophe fit right into this pattern. The inhabitants of Kolontár and Devecser, the two towns flooded by the sludge, had no information and for that reason lacked the basic resources necessary to defend themselves against the slurry. ... Why were residents not told what toxic waste was being stored in the nearby reservoir, and what they had to do in the event of a catastrophe?"

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