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Sáenz de Ugarte, Iñigo

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1 article of this author has been cited in the European Press Review so far. - Spain | 18/09/2012

North Korea can still save Romney

Mitt Romney has gambled away any chance of winning the US election, Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte comments mockingly on the blog Zona Crítica of the left-wing online newspaper which went online on Tuesday: "Romney could hardly start from a worse position in this final sprint. And a number of journalists already believe that the ex-governor has lost the election with these dumb words. Journalists always tend to overreact in such situations, claiming that the race has already been decided. But a lot can happen in just under two months. If Obama stutters through the three TV debates that would certainly help Romney's cause. And if North Korea attacked the US - like in the remake of the film Red Dawn [that will start screening in cinemas in November] - Romney would no doubt still have a chance of winning."

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