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Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius, Romas

Journalist von der lokalen Zeitung Druskininkų naujienos, Blogger

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Delfi - Lithuania | 13/04/2015

Russian propaganda is not news

The Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission last week decided to suspend the broadcasts of Russian-language network RTR Planeta for three months on the grounds that it had incited unrest and hatred. The suspension comes into effect today, Monday. Web portal Delfi supports the measure: "False reports of Ukrainian violence against the peaceful inhabitants of the Donetsk region would seem incomprehensible or even ridiculous to a person whose mind hasn't been poisoned by Russian propaganda. ... The claim that the people of a free country can think for themselves and distinguish between the truth and lies is only valid in a media landscape in which independent journalists can publish differing opinions and versions of events and compete against each other. The aggressive propaganda of our neighbour is not news."

Delfi - Lithuania | 18/11/2014

Historical parallels are futile, Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius believes

Drawing parallels between the present and the past is common practice in Lithuania, a tendency Journalist Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius criticises on the web portal Delfi: "We compare 2014 with 1914 when Europe sank into the flames of the First World War. When we follow the events in eastern Ukraine we remember how in 1940 we were unable to offer armed resistance to the Soviet Union. And when we talk about the demands of the Polish minority to have street names [in places heavily populated by Poles] written in Polish, someone always reminds us of the occupation of the Vilnius area [by Poland] in the interwar period. ... This inherited past sometimes helps us to understand the events and threats of the present. But far more often it prevents us from having a clearer perspective of the future. It's like an old house in which old clothes that are too small, toys from childhood and old and useless devices have gathered and are taking up all the space. "

Delfi - Lithuania | 16/07/2014

Nationality has no place in passports

Under new legislation passed by the Lithuanian parliament, citizens can have information on their nationality included in their passports as of January 2015 if they wish. This kind of information has no place in a passport, journalist Romas Sadauskas Kvietkevičius argues on web portal Delfi: "When the official of some state authority, a bank employee, a notary or a police officer looks at my passport all he or she should be able to see is whether the Romas in the passport is the person standing in front of them. ... Whether that Romas is a Roma or a Lithuanian is superfluous information. It only provides further possibilities for discrimination - or arouses suspicions among citizens that they are being discriminated against. There are good reasons why information on nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation and other sensitive issues is not usually found in personal documents in Europe."

Delfi - Lithuania | 23/04/2014

Russian Spring may soon spread to the Baltics

Russian acts of aggression like those taking place in eastern Ukraine could soon menace the Baltic states, journalist Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius fears in the online portal Delfi: "'Russian Spring' is the term being used by pro-Kremlin media in Russia to describe the insurrection by separatists in eastern Ukraine and the surge in Russian nationalism that started with the occupation of Crimea. ... The ideologists of the Russian Spring are convinced of the distinctiveness of Russian culture and their divinely ordained mission, and are already planning to export the movement to the Baltic countries. ... For that reason a particularly watchful eye must be kept on the activities of the terrorists in eastern Ukraine."

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