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Sacheva, Denitsa

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Trud - Bulgaria | 08/04/2014

Prejudices prevent integration of Roma

Prejudices against the Roma run so deep in Bulgaria that they form a huge barrier to integration, the daily Trud writes on the occasion of International Roma Day on April 8th: "For example we've had it drummed into us that the Roma don't pay for their electricity. The fact is that many of them don't even have any electricity. ... We've had it drummed into us that Roma women have children just to cash in on child allowances. But if an educated Roma woman looks for a job we find a hundred reasons not to hire her. ... For years, millions have been wasted on integration programmes but the problems of the Roma remain unsolved, the prejudices become all the more entrenched and the rifts grow all the wider. According to the World Bank, the Bulgarian budget loses 370 million euros every year because of the segregation of the Roma. But that will only change when we start getting more upset about the abuse of people than about the abuse of funds. And when we start to fight poverty and ignorance instead of fighting people."

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