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Sabuni, Nyamko

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El País - Spain | 06/07/2009

Nyamko Sabuni und Bibiana Aído on gender equality in Europe

Sixty years ago Simone de Beauvoir published her "The Second Sex". Writing in the left-liberal daily El País Sweden's Minister for Gender Equality and her Spanish colleague Bibiana Aído call for genuine equality in Europe: "Unfortunately when we analyse the situation of women in the European Union we see that the theses of this author [Simone de Beauvoir] are still valid today. The options open to European women in their lives are more limited than for men. From a very early age certain rigid gender stereotypes are consolidated which define their educational and professional development. Only few women gain access to top positions in the leading decision-making bodies. The time has come for us to join forces to liberate women from the status of being the second sex. … The EU aspires to be a model of democracy. But a modern democracy cannot exist without gender equality within the decision-making bodies. Consequently equal representation of both sexes should be the norm when the new Commission is formed."  

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